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Met het wereldkampioenschap voetballen voor de deur is de verkiezingsuitslag voor de niet-voetbalfan waarschijnlijk al helemaal moeilijk te verteren. Voor hen een opbeurend en wellicht inspirerend artikel over de kracht van ondermeer  sense of community en het benutten van  een gegeven situatie. Oftewel: The smallest things can make the biggest difference.

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Little Travellers Australia, the organisation that aims to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa, is launching an Avant Card-sponsored postcard campaign to coincide with this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Little Travellers, Mumbrella

The postcard campaign draws upon the little, thumb-size pin-on dolls made by HIV+ men and women in South Africa and sold by volunteers around the world.

The postcards feature the tagline: “The smallest things can make the biggest difference”. The tagline has also been used in the organisation’s poster campaign in Canada.

Justin Koonin, Little Travellers Australia founder, said: “We know the bead workers who make the dolls. Despite the hardships they face, there is a sense of resilience, an openness and a real sense of community among the people we met on a visit to the region.

“They are truly inspirational. I hope this postcard campaign will focus attention on their situation and create change for the better.”

The free postcards will be available from June 16 in metropolitan Avant Card outlets across Australia. The dolls can also be purchased for $5 by visiting the Little Travellers Australia website.

The local campaign is part of a wider Little Travellers global initiative aimed at drawing attention to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in  South Africa and to provide tangible support to people infected and affected.

Some 5.7 million South Africans are HIV positive and, in some areas, up to 40 per cent of pregnant women have the virus. The worldwide project is also being supported Stephen Lewis, former UN Special Envoy to Africa on HIV/AIDS.

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