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Share food to remove HIV stigma, say HIV awareness campaigners

In an attempt to spread awareness about HIV-AIDS, members of ‘Aadhar’, a NGO are selling packets of snacks prepared by HIV- infected people in Ahmedabad. The organization has taken up the cause of removing the stigma and misconceptions attached to HIV from the minds of people.

 As a part of a ten-day campaign, many HIV-positive women have come out on the roads, distributing pamphlets and selling snacks prepared and packed by them.Varsha, an HIV-infected said the campaign intended to remove misconceptions related HIV.


Only when an HIV infected person says that he is HIV positive, one can know that he is HIV positive, otherwise no one can know. Therefore, HIV virus does not spread by if you share food. This is what we are trying to tell people and remove the stigma,” said Varsha.

The members of the organisation believe that the stigma is deeply entrenched in the minds of the people and it is not easy to remove it in one go. Ravji Parmar, a customer, said was thoroughly convinced that HIV does not spread by sharing food with people.

“Even I had the same misconception, but after listening to the people here and tasting the snacks made by them I have realised that it does not spread by sharing food”, said Parmar.

From awareness programmes to road shows, Aadhar is leaving no stone unturned to let people know that HIV-positive people are equally a part of the society.

India has the world’s third biggest caseload of people living with the HIV. (ANI)


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